Hartland Community Band
Hartland, Wisconsin
Jack Schulze, Conductor

Members Information

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Board Elected Positions
Set Board meeting agendas, run meetings, interfaces with director, heads band trips committee, head social/sunshine committee, purchases gifts for people who help the band during the year, responsible for all web content; working with the webmaster for updates. Responds to all website correspondence, coordinates concert sites and dates with the director, develop band trips.

Vice President:
In the President's absence, run Board meetings, oversees publicity, which includes writing and submitting newspaper articles, communicating information to cable and radio stations and posters, secures programs for concert and arranges for ushers to hand out the programs. Responsible for donation boxes and staffing the boxes.

Record meeting minutes and distribute to board members, keep updated records of all current band members, update band handbook as needed, print and distribute band rosters and handbooks to band members who do not have internet access, takes attendance at each rehearsal, Assist in tasks requiring a list of band members, assist in communications with band members at director's request. Provides updated membership information to President.

Record and deposit monies, issue checks, maintain receipts for expenses, report expenditures to the board for approval, reconcile monthly bank statements, prepare yearly reports for the board, file IRS financial documents, keep checking account signatures up to date, gather board input and gain approval for a yearly budget and financial plan, and work with any/all fund raising committee(s) to record detailed records of receipts. Manages membership dues.

Two Band members "at large":
Attend board meetings and are voting members.

Appointed Positions:
Maintains HCB music library Reviews each music selection sorting of the instrumental parts, Reviews each music selection to determine if there are sufficient parts for HCB instrumentation needs, and copies obtained for any parts shortages. Stamps newly purchased music with the HCB ownership stamp. Fills each band member's folder with appropriate parts for each music selection at the beginning of the season and brings all folders to the initial rehearsal of each season. Make additional copies of instrumental parts as needed. Collects band member folders at the end of the season and sorts each selection by instrument and part to be filed or returned. Music from other libraries is given to the Band Conductor for return, and HCB music is filed in the HCB music library. Keeps record of Title, composer, Arranger, and when the piece was played for each score in the HCB music library.

Band manager:
Coordinate the setup of band room before and after rehearsals. Coordinate the setup of chairs, clothespins, windscreens, band banner, and other equipment before and after concerts as well as loading and unloading crews. Take care of orders for band shirts, folders and other miscellaneous equipment. Serve as school liaison, dates for the calendar with activities office, coordinate with Arrowhead South Campus custodians to get doors unlocked, arrange for use of truck for equipment. Communicate with Arrowhead band conductor, coordinate Hartland 4th of July Parade.

Assistant Band Manager:
Help band manager with above duties.

Selects and gathers concert music and hands it to the Librarian, returns borrowed music to owner after the season is over. Conducts rehearsals and concerts, develops rehearsal schedule, oversees section leaders. Participates in musician selection, arranges for announcer for concerts, arranges for guest musicians, and photographers. Arranges for an Assistant Director to conduct rehearsals when conductor is unavailable. If assistant director is required during the summer season, the assistant will also conduct at least one piece of music per summer concert. interfaces with the Board President; coordinates concert sites and dates with the President.

The Hartland Community band maintains a current roster of members that is updated at the beginning of the Spring/Summer season each calendar year. Attendance is taken at each rehearsal on the basis of that roster. The expectation is for members to attend all rehearsals and concerts according to the schedule provided on the band website. An absence is to be communicated to the conductor, band secretary and the section leader in advance. A band member must attend 75% of scheduled rehearsals in order to play in the concerts. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the conductor.
The goal is to make a commitment to the band for the entire year. However if a member is replaced long-term, due to scheduling conflicts during a concert season, the replacement player will haver priority to stay in the section, and the original member will go to the top of a waiting list. A short-term replacement would be someone who fills in for a single concert.

Concert Dress
Summer Concert Attire: All band members are to wear their current band polo shirts. Black bottoms are to be pants, capris or skirts. Black shorts will be allowed as long as they are knee length. Shoes, socks or sandals worn are to be black. No white socks or white tennis shoes.
Parade Attire: White polo shirts, khaki bottoms and shoes or sandals of choice.
Formal Concert Attire for Women: All black which may include black mid-length or longer skirt, slacks, black blouse, sweater or jacket, black hose and black shoes.
Formal Concert Attire for Men: Black suit or tuxedo with a white shirt, black bow tie, black shoes and socks for the Scholarship Concert. For our Holy Hill Christmas Concert a festive holiday long tie should be worn.
Nursing Home Attire: Festive Christmas attire on top and black pants or skirt, black shoes.

Rehearsal Info
Rehearsals provide the band an opportunity to rehearse as a large group and in smaller sectionals. Sectionals will be held approximately once per month and will be lead by the section leader. Section leaders will be determined by the consensus within each section and approval by the director. The section leader must be diplomatic and reasonable as he/she oversees the individuals in their sections. Also, a musical background would be beneficial to direct the sectional rehearsals. Individuals should first contact their section leader with problems, concerns, questions and suggestions. Any problems or concerns that cannot be solved by the section leader can then be brought to the attention of the director. Section leaders will report to/from the band's directors as needed. A "phone call tree" led by your section leader will be used as a means to communicate with the band at large. It is our expectation that all band members participate in both group rehearsals and sections to strive for the highest quality of musicianship.

Membership dues
At this time, band membership dues are $25 per person, or $35 for a couple/family.

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